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Dash, possess, and explore your way through different areas as you accompany a child on their adventures as their fledgling guardian spirit.

About This Game

As a newly born spirit, you set out on your journey to discover your purpose as you accompany a child on their adventures through enchanting and wondrous environments. Find secrets and discover your new found abilities as you explore new areas and maybe even make a friend or two along the way

Freedom to Explore

Explore multiple open areas and complete tasks in any way and order you choose. Try different solutions and find out what happens.

Complete Mobility

Dash around environments freely. You will need the child or a physical host to interact with your surroundings but if you choose to, you may leave the child in a safe area and scout ahead although you might not be able to record your progress without them.

Ghostly Hints

Chat with ghosts- you never know what interesting and useful information they might give.

Dynamic Interactability

Possess people and interact with others. People always act differently depending on who they're currently talking to, so try talking to them as different people.

Open Ended Puzzles

Possess objects and move them around to solve environmental puzzles. There's no such thing as a wrong solution.